Well Duh, We’re Sisters!

It’s this month’s BYO Collection! Completely 100% inspired by my 6 year old and her adoration for her 2 little sisters 🙂
Want to win all 5 packs? All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post. Thursday afternoon around 3pm CST, I’ll choose one random winner and email that person a code to grab everything for free! You have until 3pm CST tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, January 15, 2014) to leave a comment. Good luck!


Download-A-Day: Day 7

Here’s the final piece to our Download-A-Day: Day 7! On Thursday, I will make a post here on the blog where you’ll be able to leave your request for one piece that you may have missed. More details on how to get that link and info on when Everybody Talks will be available in the shop will be posted then!

Here’s your last piece (Day 7 — SORRY, LINKS HAVE EXPIRED):

Download-A-Day: Day 6

Almost done! Just a little reminder that these links are available for 24 hours ONLY, so grab them while you can. Every link has been available for 24 hours here on the blog. On Thursday, you’ll have a chance to request a piece you may have missed and then after that, individual pieces will be available in my shop at STO for just $1 each.


Download-A-Day: Day 4

Hope you all had a wonderful DSD! Even though the weekend is slowly winding down, there’s still a few fun things around here for you to do: check this post for all the details!

Today is Day 4 of our Download-A-Day event — halfway done! Links for the first three parts have been removed — please remember that each piece is only available for download for 24 hours! If you’ve missed a day, you’ll have the opportunity to grab it from me on Thursday (when the link to the last part expires). Until then, here’s Day 4 [SORRY, LINKS HAVE EXPIRED]!

DSD 2013!

** I apologize for this posting so late. I accidentally scheduled it for PM instead of AM. Because I’m so click happy, links to the first day of the Download-A-Day freebie will be available for two whole days instead of just one 🙂 **

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day everyone! I have so much fun planned for the next few days, so let’s jump right in!dsd-ad

Scavenger Hunt
By now you’ve probably noticed the cute little ghost up in the header here on the blog (and if you didn’t, I just told you where #10 is!). We’re haunted! Help me find all the ghosts for your chance at a $10 gift card to my shop! All of the ghosts you’re looking for are numbered — if you see one that’s not numbered, it doesn’t count! You’re looking for 12 ghosts total. They are hidden all over the place (I’ll give you a hint: try here, here, here, here and here at the blog). Make sure you click around, check different tabs/pages and the previews in my shop — you never know where you’ll find one of those ghosties! Once you’ve found all 12, email your numbered list to me (labellevie.designs.hw@gmail.com). Please include links to where you found each ghost. If you find one somewhere that’s difficult to link, be as specific as you can. I’ll email you back letting you know if you’ve got them all correct (if you get any wrong, don’t worry…you can keep trying until you get them all right!). Everyone who finds all 12 ghosts will be entered in the drawing for a $10 gift card to my shop! You have until 11:59PM CST on Sunday, November 3 to email me your answers (click here if you need help converting time).

Time for another full kit freebie! Every day for the next week, you’ll find a new piece of this huge kit here on the blog. Today’s post is the only exception to that — since it’s posting so late, I’ll be including the downloads for Day 1 & Day 2. Both will be available for the next 48 hours. Come back every day and grab each piece! If you miss one, don’t worry! The day after the last piece is posted, I’ll be giving back ONE piece that you may have missed. Once it’s all said and done, you’ll have this awesome kit 🙂

Here are your first two pieces! Just click on the images to download [SORRY, LINKS HAVE EXPIRED.].
But wait, that’s not even everything! There’s a new freebie available over on my Facebook page (it’s a mini that coordinates with my new release this week), and there’s also my part of the STO DSD Hop & Scrap! The shop is 50% off for the weekend (excluding bundles), I’ll be giving away several $5 gift cards over the course of the weekend, not to mention $1 deals and a special Free with Purchase deal + a Create Your Own Grab Bag on Saturday!

Whew, I think that’s it! Make sure you check your inbox tomorrow, there will be a special edition of the newsletter with FIVE $5 winners and an extra coupon! 🙂

Time for a big announcement!

Today, my shop at Scrapable closed. All purchases/downloads should have been completed before 12 noon CST today, but if you have any issues or questions relating to things of that nature, you can email me (labellevie.designs.hw@gmail.com) and we’ll try to get them fixed for you!

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes here at LBVD — new shops, a lot of fun stuff for you and a very special collection that you’ll see soon! Remember this post, where I asked you to give me your guesses on where LBVD is headed? Well big congrats to the winner of that giveaway, chigirl! Her guess was correct — I’m headed to Scrap Take Out! 🙂
My shop will open Oct. 15, and chigirl will get everything new for free (be sure to check your email if you’re chigirl, you’ve got something from me)! New things will include my contribution to October’s BYO, a brand new mini kit and a new alphabet.

I’m really excited about what’s coming next for LBVD. I’ll see you all soon over at Scrap Take Out! 🙂