When my first daughter was born in 2007, I decided I was going to make sure that I would have those memories forever. My mother got me into paper scrapbooking, and I was hooked immediately. About 2 years ago, I finally decided to jump into the digital world. When I first started designing about a year ago, it was just templates. Since then, I’ve grown as a designer and I am loving it! I learn new things every day.

Scrap Takeout is my current digital home. It’s such a fun place to be, and I’m proud to call it my home! Somehow in the chaos of designing, I find the time to actually scrap. Currently I create for Amanda Heimann & Tickled Pink Studio. And if you’ve really taken a look at the posts over on Dream Big Designs’ Facebook page, some of them are signed “Hannah”…that’s me!

When I’m not attached to my laptop, I spend all my time with the greatest man on Earth and our three beautiful girls. I’m lucky enough to live in what I love calling my dream home — big backyard, white picket fence (yes, for real, I actually have one lol!)…the whole nine yards. It’s sort of perfect, except for when our dog Elvis starts terrorizing the neighborhood squirrels. That’s when it gets interesting. We have a cat too (Lily), plenty of fish (like our puffer, Mrs. Puff) & a brand new bunny named…Bunny. We let our 5 year old name her pets, and she likes to be obvious 🙂

I also like cooking & baking (Read: eating), reading (I’m a total book snob) and shopping. And the answer is no, you can never have enough shoes.

Memory keeping is really my thing, and that’s what sparked my venture into designing. I hope that somehow, my products can help you keep your memories alive forever!


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