Rockin’ {Reload} Download-A-Day: Request Day!

This is the post you’ve been looking for: Request Day!
If you’re a fan of La Belle Vie Designs on Facebook, you know that from December 13 through the 24th, I gave away this kit in pieces:


If you happened to miss a day, now’s your chance to grab that piece for free! Here’s everything you need to know about how to do it:

All you have to do to grab the link to a part that you’re missing is leave a comment here on this post. Here are a few things to keep in mind though when you’re making that request:

*Please only request ONE part of the Download-A-Day, and please only leave ONE comment. I want to keep this fair to everyone, so it’s one ‘free’ day per person. Also, please don’t leave multiple comments with different email addresses — if you do this, no links will be sent to you. Please keep it respectful so that everyone can have a chance to grab a part they might have missed!
*Make sure that when you leave your comment, you leave a current/valid email address that you check frequently, because that’s how I’ll be sending your link! The only person who will see your email address is me, unless you leave it in the actual body of your comment. You can do whatever you’re comfortable with, just know that I will not give your email address away to anyone for any reason if you choose to keep it private.
*The links I send will only be available for 48 hours, so please download them as soon as you see the email from me (which will make it’s way into your inbox within 24 hours of your comment)! Links will not be resent or reset after they’ve expired.
*Please double check which parts you have before making your request! I cannot stress this enough — I have no idea which parts you may or may not have, so whichever part you tell me is the one I’ll send a link to. Please make sure you are careful about which day you request — previews for each part can be found in the image below. Only one link will be sent to each person, so please make sure you request the correct one.
*You have until 11:59pm US Central Standard Time on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 to leave your request here. Any request made after that will not count. Need help converting time?

Still missing pieces? That’s okay! You can grab whichever piece(s) you may have missed in my shop for just $1 each, starting Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. And just like last time, there will be a special Buy One Get One offer for that first weekend! The whole kit will also be available on the 2nd, so if you missed our DAD event, you’ll be able to snag the kit that you see above 🙂

Here are the individual previews. Day 11 & Day 12 were combined and count as ONE day.

Please make sure you double check which pieces you already have before leaving your request. And please make sure you check your email if you leave a comment! If you leave a comment and do not see an email from me ( within 24 hours, make sure to check your Spam folder. If you still don’t see an email and you know you left a comment, let me know! It’s very possible that I could’ve missed one or typed the wrong email address. Just make sure you mention your name if it isn’t obvious and I’ll make sure to get you your link 🙂

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this year so wonderful. 2013 was fun, but 2014 will be even better! New freebies, collabs AND a new collection for those of you who are into Project Life — make sure you stay tuned!


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