Gimme More – March Feature Templates!

During the month of March, LBVD was the Featured Diva over at Scrapable — and that came with some freebies. A set of 5 templates were available weekly over at Scrapable’s blog, 2 on Scrapable’s Facebook fan page, 1 on the LBVD Facebook fan page and 1 here on the blog…9 total. Did you miss any of them? Well now’s your chance to pick up the one(s) you missed before they’re packaged up and available for sale in the store!

Take a look through the ones that you do have — and then take a look at the photo below. Figure out which ones you’re missing  and leave a comment — we’ll be giving 5 of them back to you for free starting next week right here on the blog! The 3 templates that were missed the most will be reposted, the other two will be randomly selected. Admin will have to approve your comment, so don’t panic if it doesn’t post immediately — it’ll be there soon!
Good luck with finishing your collection!*

And just a little help — the file that you have for template #9 may be named differently. It was given away on Facebook and probably has the filename “lbvd_gimmemore_fb_1”. It IS the same as #9. Just so we’re clear, “lbvd_gimmemore_9” = “lbvd_gimmemore_fb_1”. Sorry for any confusion! 🙂


* The entire Gimme More template collection will be available in the shop 4/19.

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